Baloo, AKA: Bubby, Bubba Doo, Wiggle Butt

Baloo received his name from the character in the Jungle Book when he was a foster puppy. While fostering Baloo he appeared to have hind leg problems. So he stayed with us until the vets could determine the cause. With this extra time he spent with us, he won our hearts over and soon became our foster fail and we adopted him from Pets Come First. He is the eldest and most spoiled. Before he reached the age of one, he was having seizures and is still on medication for them. Baloos’ medical history is quite extensive for a guy who isn’t very old, but we are lucky to have this SPECIAL NEEDS boy in our life. He enjoys bossing his siblings around and playing with them, sitting on his humans laps. His favorites are staring deep into your soul, receiving nose kisses, and sleeping in the middle of the bed. He loves to push his food out of his bowl with his nose and makes medication administration a new adventure everyday. His secret talents are knocking on doors, as he finds himself on the wrong side of the door. Baloo’s DNA came back as 29% Lab, 28% Pit Bull and 22% Chow Chow.