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About Belding & Mull

hunterFounded in 1916, Belding and Mull earned its reputation early-on by manufacturing their own powder measures, bullet molds, dies and other reloading equipment. Belding and Mull was far ahead of its time in the early to mid 1900’s. The B&M visible powder measure was known as one of the best pieces of reloading equipment well into the 20th century. It featured two separate powder reservoirs (an upper and a lower). The powder flows out of the upper reservoir into the lower reservoir keeping it full with a constant pressure. From there it pours into the charge tube making each throw exactly the same. It was more accurate than any other powder measure on the market. Belding and Mull also made a reloading manual for people to use before Lyman, Hornady, or any other big names were published. An innovative line of target and hunting scopes was also produced by Belding and Mull. At the time they were released, the majority of hunters used iron sights on their rifles. The B&M hunting scope revolutionized hunting and made a believer out of many who said scopes weren’t practical in the woods, and were only for target shooting. Belding and Mull truly advanced the sports of shooting and reloading..